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Becoming No Ordinary People

Following on from the previous series "Jesus, no Ordinary Man”  But the challenge he left his followers and us today was how we could continue the work he started?  So how can we become more like Jesus, and in our ordinary lives, become no ordinary people?

Sunday 6th May

So as Jesus left his disciples, he told them to go and wait!  How difficult to we find it to wait on God.  For the disciples this was the inbetween stage, from being with Jesus to being empowered by the Holy Spirit

Mark kick starting our new series starting with Waiting on God
060518 Waiting on God.mp3
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Sunday 20th May

Pentecost Sunday , It's probably is the most  significant event after Christmas and Easter.  But what is it all about?  Pentecost is when we remember the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the early followers of Jesus,  this was the kick start of them continuing the mission Jesus had started and in many ways was the birth of the church.  It enabled and equipped them for the task ahead

Mandy Talking about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
200518 Pentecost.mp3
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Sunday 27th May

Following the arrival of the Holy Spirit the disciples change  from people in  hiding to declaring the good news of Jesus to thousands!  They are empowered by this transformation and start the movement of the church that is still going some 2000 years later?  Was it just something for the first followers of Jesus or is it something that we can have today?  

Sunday 3rd June

The disciples of Jesus, gone on to proclaim the good news of Jesus inspite of the opposition they faced.   It was the strength of the Holy Spirit that enabled them to be witness, do we have the same power and boldness today?

Geoffrey Boult talking about the Holy Boldness of the eary disciples
030618 Holy Boldness.mp3
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Sunday 17th June

We all need people in our lives to help explain things to us, to allow the space for questions and discover with people that are willing to come alongside us and help us understand. Today we look at one of the early followers of Jesus who did just that! 


Mandy Tucker talking about Philip and the Ethopian, and Hugh Piltcher sharing about his work in Uganda
170618 Telling faith.mp3
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Sunday 24th June

Never judge a book by its cover”,  “First impressions count”    We all tend to make

judgements on people we meet don’t we?  - people we like,  people we don’t like,  people who behave like us, and those that don’t.   Yet the Good News of Jesus is for all!  God taught the early disciples  that God shows no favouritism. Good News for all!

Tom Boswll talking about the Good News for All
240618 For All.mp3
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Sunday 1st July

Jesus celebrates the last supper with his disciples,  this has become a mean that we now remember through communion and all that it symbolises!

Nic Stuchfield talking on communion
010718 No Ordinary Meal.mp3
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Sunday 15th July

Can a leopard really change it’s spots? We meet one of the biggest transformations in history. An influential man who was persecuting those earlier followers of Jesus, is changed to become one of the biggest people in spreading the good news of Jesus to the wider world!


Note - Unfortunately technical issues means we don't have this weeks recording

Sunday 22nd July

Those earlier followers of Jesus became no ordinary people and in doing so other people joined them on that mission that continue to this day! Some of them with great stories of mission and adventure overseas, others just in the ordinary day to day lives. The challenge for us; what is our mission and how can we go about sharing our faith with the people around us?

Tom Boswell talking about the mission of Paul and how we too have a part to play in this mission
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