feeling disconnected?
feeling disconnected?


Devoted, looking at the characteristics of the followers of Jesus as they established the first churches. What is it they did and what can we learn from them in our churches today?

Sunday 23rd April

The earlier followers of Jesus devoted themselves to the teaching of Jesus Christ, they  challenged themselves to be shaped by the new ways.  So often we find it difficult to change to allow Jesus to transform us. What can we do to help us be devoted to the

message that Jesus brings.



Mark talking about being devoted to the Apostles teaching
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Sunday 7th May

We all want to be in community, to have people that look out for us, and people we can do life with! Join us tomorrow as we continue our devoted series, looking at the early disciples devotion to fellowship!


Geoffrey Boult talking about being devoted to fellowship
070517 devoted fellowship.mp3
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Sunday 21st May

Prayer. .    how do we do it?  Teach us to prayer and how can we make it a regular habit, like cleaning our teeth.  Why don't you start while cleaning your teeth!

Mandy Tucker talking about prayer
210517 Devoted to prayer.mp3
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Check out prayer resources to help you pray in you and creative ways here

Sunday 28th May

Meals bring us together, we find common ground and  they are often times where we remember and celebrate events!  The early disciples shared meals together as they shared life together and spread the message that Jesus had left them.  What did they do that we can learn from in our churches today? 

Tom Boswell talking about being devoted to breaking of bread
280517 Devoted breaking bread.mp3
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Sunday 4th June - Pentecost

What was it that kicked started the early followers of Jesus to be Devoted and what help did they get?

Tom Boswell taking about the Holy Spirit who helps us
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