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Faith - Hope - Love.   April 2015 - June 2015 we are explored what it means to have these aspects in our lives and how it can change us and our communities. 


Sunday 28th June - Gods Love

Do you know how much you are loved?  We look not at the love we may have for people or things,  but a love far greater!  You are loved by the creator of the universe and He knows your name.  When we are unlovable, God still love us.  His love never fails!  Explore with us this the depth of His love for you.


Gods Love
Mark Stancombe-Duhm talking about Gods Love
Mark Gods Love.mp3
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Gods Love - Table Flyer
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Sunday 21st June - Love is...

There have been countless songs written about it,  100’s of films made about it, and it’s the narrative to most stories.  So,  is love all you need?  We take a deeper look at love; what is it about? Is it love that makes the world go round? Have you experienced the joys and pains of love?  But is there a greater Love than just the flutter we feel in our hearts?

Love is.....
Tom Boswell talking about 1 Corinthians 13 Love is......
Love Is.mp3
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Love is Table Flyer
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Sunday 7th June - Gods Love to you

Looking at the love we experience from God and the church family thorugh difficult times.

Gods Love in difficut times
Carol Golding talking about Gods love in difficult times
God Loves You.mp3
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Sunday 24th May - God's Hope

The bible talks about a hope that is  an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.  Is your hope that strong, that no matter what storms may come, you know you will not sink?     What is it that we can be so sure of that enables us to live a life confident that it will be OK in the end?


God's Hope
Pete Warnock talking about Gods hope with a testimony from Mandy Tucker
Hope 2 with Testimony.mp3
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Gods Hope - Table Flyer
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Sunday 17th May - Hope

We’ve all had times in our lives where hope has been the only thing that has seen us through what seemed like hopeless times.  But what do we put our hope in? Is it simply the fact that things will get better, or can there be something more solid that we can put our hope in?  Something that is more than just expecting things to happen,  but confident that it will happen!



CAD - Hope
Tom Boswell talking on hope
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Hope Table Flyer
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Sunday 3rd May - Elijah - Faith and Hope

Exploring the character of Elijah and the faith he had, in a time where the most where faithless.  Looking at the story and the impact of faith and hope in the upcoming general election.

Family Service - Elijah:Faith and Hope
Tom Boswell looking at the character of Elijah and coming general election
Elijah Faith and Hope.mp3
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Sunday 26th April - Heroes of the faith

Looking deeper at some of the heroes of  Faith that we read about in the bible that are listed in the “Heroes Hall of fame”.  The bible’s equivalent to the Hollywood  star’s walk of fame.  What can we learn from the heroes of old to help us be heroes of faith today?


CADXtra - Heroes of Faith
Pete Warnock talking on the heroes of faith found in Hebrews 11
faith heroes.mp3
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Heroes of Faith Table Flyer
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Sunday 19th April - Faith

Exploring what it means to have faith and what are the things we put our faith in.  Not just that, but how does having  faith change what we do and how we live our lives?

CAD Faith Talk
Tom Boswell talking on Faith
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Faith - Table Flyer
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