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Sunday 17th July - Go

We’ve heard how God uses us as individuals (one you) in his church (one body) to impact this world (one purpose).   So today what are we meant to do about this? Jesus gave the challenge to his disciples to go out into the world,
is the same true for us today?


Mandy talking about the challenge to Go and make disciples
170816 Disciples.mp3
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Sunday 3rd July

What does it mean to worship God in the ordinary everyday life, and to see us and our communities transformed?

Hugh Pilcher & Tom Boswell
Hugh Pilcher talking about his work in Uganda and Tom on what is our everyday worship
030716 hugh and tom.mp3
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Sunday 26th June - Faith & Deeds

“I’ve done my good deed for the day”  so often said, but is it enough?  Today we look at the challenge laid out about how faith and deeds go hand in hand , how we can’t have one with out the other!   So how does your faith work out in everyday life and maybe how do your good deeds impact your faith?


Steve Robson talking about Faith and deeds
260616 faith and deeds.mp3
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Sunday 19th June

You all have something you are good at,  something you enjoy doing!  And we all have different gifts.   How can you use that God-given gift to help change the communities and world we live in!  So lets find out what they are, and how working together we can achieve so much more than on our own



Tom Boswell on discovering your gifts
190616 what are your gifts.mp3
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Sunday 5th June - The gift

Looking at what spiritual gifts there, how we have all been given at least one that we can use in the mission of the church!

Nic Stuchfield talking about Using your gifts
Unfortunately due to a technical error there is about 5mins missing in the middle of the talk
050616 using your gift.mp3
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Sunday 22nd May - Gifted

Jill Stuchfield telling her story of  how God uses what we go through and  how, with His help, we can use those things to help others.  God has made you unique and knows all that we go through and experience and is willing to comfort you through His Spirit so you can show that comfort to others that need it.

Jill Stuchfield talking about how God is willing to use her.
220516 Gifted.mp3
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Sunday 15th May - Pentecost

It is probably is the most significant event after Christmas and Easter. But what is it all about? Find out what the Holy Spirit did for the first disciples in kicking starting the church and see what's still happening today ​

Tom Boswell talking about Pentecost
150516 Pentecost.mp3
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Sunday 1st May - The Body of Christ​
We are all part of the body of Christ, but what part are you?  A hand, a foot, a metatarsal?  We all have a role to play and with the help of the Holy Spirit we can be the Body of Christ here today as the Church.

Geoffrey Boult talking about the Body of Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit
010516 Body of Christ.mp3
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Sunday 24th April - Shaped

Looking at how God gives us things we are good at (and what we’re not so good at!)  But are we willing to  allow God to shape us, so that those things  can be used for his purposes and impact the lives of others.


Adrian Kinsey talking about being shaped by the potter
240416 Gifted - Shaped.mp3
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Weekly Sheet
WWS 240416 Gifted shaped.pdf
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​Sunday 17th April - Life Journey

They say life is a journey with it’s ups and downs.  Yet God can use all of what we go through to make us who we are and enable us to help others.  How can God use what you have gone through in life to bless the communities we live in today?



Mark Stancombe-Duhm talking about how God uses what we go through
170416 life journey.mp3
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weekly news sheet
ConnWWS 170416.pdf
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Sunday 3rd April - Feafully and wonderfully made
Looking at how God made us, not just our physical bodies, but our personalities, characters and skills!



Tom Boswell talking about being feafully and wonderfully made
030416 wonderfully made.mp3
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Weekly Welcome Sheet
Weekly Wecome Sheet for 3rd April 2016.[...]
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