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feeling disconnected?

God @ the movies - Summer special

We all enjoying watching a good film whether on the big screen of in the comfort of out homes.  They captivate out imagination and makes us laugh, cry and hide behind the sofa..  But was at they telling us?  They influence what we think, including what people think about people and even God.


Big Hero 6 - Sunday 23rd August

The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.  But when Baymax saves Hiro that’s when the change really happens.  Baymax leaves a legacy for the Hiros, what does Jesus leave us?

Big Hero 6 - Table Flyer
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God at the Movies - Big Hero 6
Peter Warnock talking about Heroes and being sent out
23rd August - Heroes.mp3
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The Croods - Sunday 16th August

"The Croods -  A family that have managed to stay alive by staying in the cave and living in fear, “Always be afraid” is the Dads moto.  But their lives are about to change when meet the light.   We are made to live in the light and to follow Jesus who gives us life in all it's fullness!


The Croods - Table Flyer
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The Lego Movie - Sunday 2nd August

Are you like Lord Business, who doesn't like thing messy and only wants people to follow his instructions,  or like the Master Builders who think outside the box, or like Emmet the ordinary guy.  He was just trying to fit in, to be well-liked by his friends—so much so that he had no real idea of who he was.   He had never had an original thought, and his one creative idea had been so laughed at that he had never again tried to create. 

Lego Movie - Table Flyer
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God at the Movies - The Lego Movie
Tom Boswell talking about being special to God and the Lego Movie!
2nd August 2015 - Lego Movie.mp3
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