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Gods Playist

Sunday 24th November

OK so we've all got it wrong sometimes.  We've done stuff we not proud of!  But we can be given a new start, the slate wiped clean!

Tom Boswell talking about Psalm 51
241119 Psalm 51.mp3
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Sunday 10th November

Ever been amazed at the skies? They tell us of something far greater don't they? Join us tomorrow as we continue to explore the Songs written down that connect our emotions to God. Has he revealed himself in what we see?


Pete Warnock talking on Psalm 19
101119 Psalm 19.mp3
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Sunday 3rd November

we all have a favourite place that we like to be, a place to call home and dwell! Hopefully church maybe one of those places, a foretaste to our heavenly place! Join us this Sunday to explore more!


Adrian Kinsey talking about Psalm 54
031119 Psalm 54.mp3
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Sunday 27th October

We all like a good song! Some remind us of special occasions, others more turbulent times, others just to party and celebrate.  We look at Gods playlist of songs in the Psalms. They capture the emotion of human experience with the captivating power of God’s story.


Matt Levett introducing us the Psalms
271019 Psalm 27.mp3
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