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A series exploring home,  what it means to be home, share our homes and ultimately our heavenly home!

Sunday 6th September - Compassion Sunday and Home

We've kicked off our new series on home, today and linked with Compassion Sunday.  An oppurtunity to help change the lives of children in homes that suffer poverty.  You can find our more about compassion at http://www.compassionuk.org/

6th September - Compassion Sunday
Steve Robson talking about the work of Compassion and how we can get involved
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Sunday 20th September - What brings you home?

What does ‘home’ mean? Most of us will have strong feelings about home. They can be positive or negative and places with strong memories, but what are our homes meant to be built upon and what does the bible have to say about home.



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20th September - Home
Tom Boswell talking about the power of home and what they should be built on
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Sunday 26th September - Prodigal

This Sunday we looked at the story of the Prodigal Son. Most of us at some point in our lives will leave home, but what is it that moves us away and do we feel we can make that return journey? 


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Prodigal - The Sons
Mark Stancombe-Duhm talking about the two sons!
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Prodgal - The Father
Pete Warnock talking about the Fathers love
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Sunday 4th October - Bring & Share

Homes are where memories are made,  meals shared and friendships created.  Plus we launch Operation Christmas Child

Sunday ​18th October  - “Make yourself at home!”

Today in our ‘Home’ series we looking at what does it mean to show hospitality and welcome people into our homes.  We look at one of the homes that Jesus was invited too and the party held in his honour!  What can we learn from this about opening our homes and sharing Jesus with others?



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Sunday 25th October - “Stay with us for a while”

As two of Jesus’s followers were going back home after Jesus death, he appears to them, but at first they do not recognise him until they ask him to stay with them.  When it feels like you have had enough, it’s often home we want to go back to, but do we recognise Jesus on our journey there and do we invite him back into our homes?


Pete Warnock talking about the Road to Emmaus
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Sunday 1st November - Our Heavenly Home

What is heaven like,  where is it, what will we be like?  They are all questions we think about when it comes to heaven and this morning we try to answer these!

Tom Boswell talks about Heaven
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Sunday 15th November -  There’s no place like home”

We’ve all had times when we’ve been away from home and you have that longing to return to the place you know, to the people you love, where you will be welcomed and you know the troubles of today will be no more.  Today in our home series we look at heaven.  Is heaven that place where we are truly home, and this life on earth is where we  are just travelling through?


Tom Boswell talking on how we can have an eternal perspective on heaven being our real home
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Sunday 22nd November -  "the best journey always takes you home" 

In the last of our series on ‘home’, we look at what it takes to make the journey home. Jesus talked about Him being the way, the truth and the life to show us the way to heaven. So what does it meant to follow Jesus to make this journey home?

Geoffrey Boult talking about the journey of following Jesus home.
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Sunday 5th December - Heaven came down to earth

Sunday 20th December - Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas at times can feel more stressful than joyous and peaceful with all the expectations and things to be done!  Yet how can we remind ourselves of the reason behind the season?   We explore the Christmas story and our belief that it is more than just a ‘nice story’. That it is in fact about Emmanuel – God with us.



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Christmas Talk
Tom Boswell talking about the Miracle of Christmas
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