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I am

Sunday 17th January - I AM Introduction

Starting a new series of “I am”.  Following on from the celebrations of Christmas, the decorations have been packed away and we start to look at the impact the birth of this baby has on our world - Jesus, God with us, in human form and the claims he made.

We’re going to look at the seven ‘I am’ statements Jesus made that express his relationship with God, the world and offering us everything we need.  But what does it mean to follow Jesus in the claims he makes and who do you say Jesus is?


Followers and Leaders talk
Mark Stancombe-Duhm talking about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how we can lead by example
170116 I am follower.mp3
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17th January Sheet
Conn 17 Jan PDF Version.pdf
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Sunday 24th January -  I am the Bread of Life

If you’ve ever been to the supermarkets you may be baffled by the sheer number varieties of bread there is on offer! Different grains, favours, shapes & sizes. Yet bread is considered a staple food, a basic dietary item. A person can survive a long time on only bread and water.  So what does Jesus mean when he says “I AM the bread of life”?   Is he that essential that we cannot live with out him


I am the Bread of Life Talk
Pete Warnock talking about the Bread of Life
240116 I am Bread of life.mp3
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24th January Weekly Sheet
Conn 17 Jan PDF Version.pdf
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Sunday 7th February - I am Loved

As part of our I am series, we're not just looking at what wat Jesus said about himself,  but also what he says about you! Starting with Love, as there's no better place to start in the month of love!

Tom Boswell talking about Gods Love
7th Feb I am Loved.mp3
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Sunday 21st February - I am the light of the world

Light helps us see things, it guides, warms and comforts and promotes life and growth!  Jesus claims to be the "light of the world". So how can we let Jesus illuminate our lives and walk in that light.




Tom and Mark talking about the Light of the world and being the light in the world!
I am the Light.mp3
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Weekly New sheet
ConnWWS 210216.pdf
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Sunday 28th February - I am the gate

So what did Jesus mean when he said he was the gate? We delve back a little bit to understand  what this would have meant to his listeners back then and what we take from it today.  Can we know and trust Jesus to lead us in our lives today ? 


Geoffrey Boult talking about I am the gate
I am the gate.mp3
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Sunday 6th March - I am a Child of God

As part of the I am series what does God say about you?   "I am a child of God"   We explore what this means as part of Mothers day and looking at the impact of Mothers in our lives and the relationship between Jesus and Mary.

Tom Boswell speaking on I am a child of God on Mothers day
6th March I am Gods child.mp3
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Weekly Newsheet
Weekly Wecome Sheet for 6th March 2016.[...]
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Sunday 20th March - I am the good Shepherd

Jesus used the analogy of shepherds and sheep a lot in in his teaching and it’s something that the people of the day would have been very familiar with, yet what does it mean to us today and how can we understand the impact of this now?  What does it really mean to lay down your life for
someone and just how amazing it was that Jesus did this for us.

Tom Boswell talking about I am the Good Shepherd
200316 Good Shepherd.mp3
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Weekly News Sheet
ConnWWS 200316.pdf
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