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Jesus No Ordinary Man

Jesus has had the biggest impact on humankind of probably any man in history!  But what was it that set him apart and how does that impact still work out in our lives today?   This is not just some historic  man we read about in history, but somebody who is shaping and changing lives and communities today!

Sunday 7th January

Who where the first people to visit Jesus and how did they get the invitation and what did they bring as the first gifts?  What can we learn from it today and what gifts can we bring?


Tom talking about the the wise men's visit to Jesus
070118 Jesus Wisemen visit.mp3
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Sunday 21st January

Ever left a child or been lost as a child? I guess we all have had that fear of being separated when we don't know where they are. Well the same thing happened to Jesus!   But where did they find him, where he was always going to be!


Mark talking about when Mary & Joseph lost Jesus!
210118 Jesus - boy at the temple.mp3
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Sunday 28th January

We all know what it’s like to be tempted! Maybe that extra cake or another quick drink! Today we look at when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness before he began his ministry.
What was he tempted with? Is it so very different to us? Are we talking just about food for the body… or something deeper?


Adrian talking about the temptation of Jesus and what we learn from it today
280118 Jesus Temptation.mp3
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Sunday 4th February

There's nothing like a good wedding! A time to celebrate and party! Jesus performed one of his first miracles at a wedding too! Join us on Sunday to find out more!


Geoffrey talking about the wedding at Cana
040218 Jesus - Wedding.mp3
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Sunday 18th February

Were you the last to be picked on the school team?  We all know what its like to be left out, but also great when we are picked. Jesus picked his team but what was it that made them his choice? What was it about their faith that made Jesus pick this group of people for his team that would go on to change the world, and is he still asking people today to follow him?


Tom Boswell talking about the call of the disciples and testimony from Kirsty Christmas
180218 Jesus Disciples.mp3
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Sunday 25th February

There are many people out there willing to give you advice,  but is it all good? A story was once told about two men, one who build is house on the rock the other on the sand. I’m sure you know the rest of the story!   The question isn’t just what good advice are you listening too, but more of what are you doing with it?

Adrian Kinsey talking about Jesus way!
250218 Jesus Sermon on the mount.mp3
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Sunday 4th March

We look at the stories Jesus Told! These weren't just feel good stories, they illustrated key points to his listeners that were revolutionary!


Geoffrey Talking about the Parables!
0401318 Jesus Miracles.mp3
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Sunday 18th March

 Today we look at people who met Jesus, some of them sought him out as they heard about what he was teaching and the miracles he was performing,  others he sought out from the crowds!  Either way, their lives were never the same after meeting with him.  Is Jesus still changing the lives of people he meets today?

Mark talking about encouters with Jesus
180318 Jesus - Encounters.mp3
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Sunday 25th March

If you were looking for somebody to save you, what would they look like, how would they arrive to rescue you? Palm Sunday we mark Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, a king to save them, but maybe not the way they had in mind?

Mandy Tucker talking about Jesus' Triumphant Entry
250318 Jesus Palm Sunday.mp3
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Sunday 15th April

We’ve all had those awkward moments when we walk past somebody we know because we didn’t recognise them.  Maybe we were to busy to spot them.  Jesus meets his closest friends that he had spent the last 3 years with, yet they didn’t recognise him initially,  How often do we fail to recognise Jesus in our lives today?

Geoffrey Boult talking about Jesus after the Resurrection
150418 Jesus After Easter.mp3
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Sunday 22nd April

Speak first, think later!  Jump right in!  We all know somebody like that don’t we?  The person who always puts their hand up & grabs everything that comes along.  One of Jesus’ disciples was that guy!  Yet Jesus saw him for more of who he would become.   Can Jesus use you too, with all your enthusiastic faults? 

Tom Boswell talking about Jesus & Peter
220418 Jesus and Peter.mp3
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