feeling disconnected?
feeling disconnected?

Now Thats What I call Summer

Sunday 28th July

Starting with Rest - We all get tired and worn out, and need time to recharge the batteries, connected back in with loved ones, a time to restore our Soul! How can we find rest in the crazy world we live in?


Tom Boswell Talking about Rest
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Sunday 4th August

Summer is about spending time with families (Good and bad!)  but stopping and connecting with people!

Tom Boswell talking about family
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Sunday 11th August

Summer is about spending time by the sea and maybe on the sea!  But who is captian of our boat when the storms come rolling in?


Geoffrey Boult on what it means to have Jesus in the boat!
110819 Summer_Shipwrecked.mp3
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Sunday 25th August 

What is summer if it's not about going on Adventures.   But do we trust the leader who takes on those adventures?


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