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What is your inner character like when the outside is peeled away?  The bible tells us about the fruit of the spirit,  characteristics we may all want to see in our lives and the lives of others,  but how do we grow this fruit in our lives?


Sunday 2nd September

Starting our series on the fruit of the spirit!  It all starts and ends with Love!  But how can we show more love in our lifes?

Tom Boswell talking about the fruit of love
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Sunday 16th September

How do we have a happiness that is beyond our circumstances when the world tells us all we need to have and be, to be happy?  Is Joy something more than just putting on a happy face?   And how can we have joy in the storm?

Mandy Tucker talking about the fruit of Joy
020918 Peeled Joy.mp3
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Sunday 22nd September

How is it with your soul?  Are you anxious about things going on or at discord with people? 

This is all the opposite of peace.  So  how can we find peace in the  storm and bring calmness to our lives?  What is it about this fruit of the spirit that can be so hard to cultivate in our lives?

Geoffrey Boult talking about the fruit of Peace
020918 Peeled Peace.mp3
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Sunday 7th October

We've all had those days when we run out of patience haven't we?  We live in a fact paced world,  how can we slow done and have more patience in our lives? 

Adrian Kinsey talking about patience
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Sunday 21st October

We’ve all had our knocks where we’ve been  treated unkindly.  But I guess we can remember the glimmers of light when somebody showed you kindness?  What was it they did and I suspect the impact was more than the act itself,  how can we bring the fruit of kindness into the lives of others?

Julia Kinsey talking about Kindness
211018 Peeled Kindness.mp3
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Sunday 28th October

Why is it so hard sometimes to be good? Like kids in a sweet store,  we all try our hardest but at times we just can’t help ourselves! There’s a battle that rages within us,  but how can we be the good people that we are meant to be, and more importantly, receive the goodness God has for us?

Tom Boswell taking about the fruit of goodness
281018 Peeled Goodness.mp3
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Sunday 4th November

We all want things and people to be reliable and dependable,  faithful!  But we've all been let down!  But God is unchanging even when we let him down.  How do we grow the fruit of faithfulness in our lives to reflect Gods faithfulnes?

Tom Boswell talking about faithfulness
041118 Peeled Faithfulness.mp3
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Sunday 18th November

How do we show gentleness to others and who are the people that have shown gentleness to you?

Geoffrey Boult talking about Gentleness
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Sunday 25th November 

It might have been Black Friday, but it’s the last of our smoothie Sunday! The last in our series on the fruit of the spirit. Have you shown self-control today?


Mandy Tucker Talking about Self Control
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