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Looking at the promises made in the Old Testament that point to the hope of Jesus

Sunday 26th January 

Christmas may have been last month, but we start a new series looking at the what that special gift in the manger was, and what it means to us today.   This Sunday the promise made right at the beginning that we would be part of a large family


Adrian Kinsey talking on the promise of Generations
26012020 Promise of Generations.mp3
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Sunday 2nd February

On the weekend that we leave the EU, and questions over the long term union of the United Kingdom. What does the promise of a Kingdom look like through the eyes of the baby in a manager?

Tom Boswell talking about the promise of a Kingdom
02022020 Promise of a Kingdom.mp3
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Sunday 9th February

What do you look for in a ruler? Somebody who will bring justice? Someone who will move us forward? Join us tomorrow as we look at the promise of a king. How the baby in the manger became the king of all! Also stay and have lunch with us afterwards!


Tom Boswell talking about the promise of a king
09022020 Promise of a King.mp3
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Sunday 23rd February

Without hope, what is there,  we all hope for something,  but sometimes what happens is not what we hope for.  The promised messiah was not the one they were hoping for, but the one they needed.

Geoffrey Boult talking about the promise of hope
23022020 Promise of Hope.mp3
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Sunday 1st March

What's it like to have the greatest person serve you? Well that's what Jesus came to do. Join us on Sunday to explore what was fulfilled in the manager through the servant God


Sally Gaze talking about the Servant of God
0103202020 Servant of God.mp3
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Sunday 8th March

Have we wondered off like Sheep?   Perhaps what is needed is a shepherd that will guide and protect us,  one that know us by name?


Sunday 22nd March 

So something new with a live stream this week due to the Corona Virus Restrictions,  but trying to keep going with Connections on line below:


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