feeling disconnected?
feeling disconnected?

Salt & Light

How do we influence the community and culture around us!  We are called to be different to add flavour, preserve and bring light into our world as a church and as individuals 

Sunday 13th October

Please be on your best behaviour!   A message we tell our kids, but did Jesus ever ask that.  Or did he just ask us that we love him and love others?

Tom Boswell talking about how we are to live as followers of Jesus, not a list of rules, but a live of Love
131019 Living Right.mp3
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Sunday 6th October

We have good news to share with people,  but what is that new and how can we ensure we communicate a message that lands with people in the right way?

Adrian Kinsey and a few others on telling the Good new we have
061019 Good News.mp3
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Sunday 22nd September

As part of being salt & light, we are called to bring healing and wellbeing to our community.  How can we take not jsut the message of Jesus,  but his spirit with us to the people we meet?

Sunday 8th September

The first of our special Sunday Mayhems,  bring the whole family for a morning of Mayhem as we explore what it means to be a good friend and have good friends as we go back to school

Sunday 1st September

What does it meant to be a church of salt and Light?  How can we ensure that the lives we live are honouring.  How can we check that out from what we read in the bible and the accounts of Jesus?

Tom Boswell talking about being a church of Salt & Light, based in the teachings of Jesus
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