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The Story

Exploring some of the stories we find in the bible.  What do these stories tell us today about God and us?  What encouragement and  challenge can we take from these  familiar and not so familiar characters that we often look back on as heroes of faith;  people who achieved so much, yet like us were human too?

Sunday 3rd Septemeber - Jonah

Looking at the familiar story of Jonah and the whale, but is there more to this story than just running from Gods call and more about God grace?

Tom Boswell talking about the story of Jonah
030917 The Story Jonah.mp3
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Sunday 17th September - Gideon

Ever felt inadequate? Well you have more in common with some of the people in the bible, yet they achieved some great things! We look at the story of Gideon to see how he was used by God.


Geoffrey Boult talking about the story of Gideon
170917 the Story Gideon.mp3
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Sunday 24th September - Elijah

Unlike Gideon, this guy has loads of confidence when he challenges people. But where did he get that from and did he always feel that way?  Maybe you have times when you are prepared to make a stand, but it’s often because it’s been developed in small places first!

Mark talking about Elijah
240917 Gods Story - Elijah.mp3
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Sunday 1st October - Daniel

Most of us know the story about the lions den!  But how did Daniel end up there, and what wa it that save him?  Daniel encourages us to live lifes of integrity!

Tom talking about Daniel
011017 Gods Story Daniel.mp3
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Sunday 15th October

the only book in the Bible where God is not mentioned, and  apparently is absent. If we are honest, It seems sometimes that God is absent, hiding, asleep. But the amazing narrative of Esther reveals that God is most powerfully and lovingly present when he appears most absent.


Mandy Talking about the story of Esther
151017 Esther.mp3
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Sunday 22nd October - Nehemiah

Nehemiah a normal, everyday, average guy who was living a posh life. But he develops a heart for God’s people, has a radical faith and a courageous soul, lays out a plan. His heart breaks for God’s people and he does something about it.   Might God just also use also  if you are willing?

Adrian Kinsey talking on Nehemiah
221017 Nehemiah.mp3
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Sunday 5th November - Joseph

"Bring me my coloured coat, my amazing coloured coat"  - We know the songs from the musical,  but what does the Story of Joseph show us about learning Gods grace?

Tom Boswell on the story of Joseph
05117 Joseph.mp3
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Sunday 19th November - Ruth

Ruth,  a tale of purity, faithfulness, innocence, loyalty, duty and love, yet it is set in dark times.  It shows us that there is hope when times are tough and life does go as we planned.  What can we learn from this story about how these woman showed their trust in God to allow his purposes to be fulfilled, even when times feel tough?

Julia Kinsey talking about the story of Ruth
191117 The Story - Ruth.mp3
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Sunday 26th November  - Samson

Samson,  the story of Hollywood movies -  the long haired warrior chasing after bad woman!  But what can we learn from this story and how come he ends up in the heroes of faith
alongside the likes of Gideon and David?  God can use our strengths, but we also need to
understand where our weakness can let us down.

Adrian Kinsey talking about the Story of Samson
261117 The Story Samson.mp3
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Sunday 3rd December - David

The story of David, Gods first appointed king, but as we start the countdown to Christmas with advent, we look forward to welcoming Gods true King!


Tom Boswell talking about the story of David
031217 The Story David.mp3
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Sunday 17th December - Christmas Story

The most well known story there is. It’s told every year, acted out in school plays and sung about in carols we sing!  Each year brings expectations of feasts, gifts and family gatherings,  but what was the expectation of people at the first Christmas?  Do we even today miss the true gift amongst all the other gifts?

Mark talking about the real Christmas Story
171217 Story Christmas.mp3
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Sunday 24th December - The night before

The excitement & expectation of Christmas eve and what gifts we might receive,  but perhaps there is more than a visit from St Nic!  We explore this morning the true gift of Christmas!



Geoffrey talking about the Real night before Christmas
241217 Night before.mp3
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