feeling disconnected?
feeling disconnected?

Who do you think you are?

Sunday 15th January

Looking back and giving thanks for  what we've done as a church last year and looking forward to the vision for this year!  What does God have in store?

Tom Boswell looking back at last year and the vision for this year
150117 looking back and looking forward.[...]
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Tom Boswell talking about new endings at the start of the year
150117 New endings.mp3
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Sunday 22nd January

You are "Salt & Light" What does this mean to us today and more importantly the community around us?


Adrian Kinsey talking about You are Salt & Light
220117 Salt and Light.mp3
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Sunday 5th February

Have you cut back your garden plants ready for the Spring? Join us Sunday for our "Who do you think you are?" series. Jesus says 'he is the vine and we are the branches' but what does this mean and how can we live fruitful lives?


Geoffrey Boult talking about The vine and the branches
060217 You are the Branches.mp3
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Guest Jayne Green talking about the work of Christians Against Poverty
060217 Jayne Green CAP.mp3
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Sunday 19th February

We all want to be loved, don’t we?  To know that somebody out there thinks you’re great, just as you are,  with all that you are, including those bits we hide away too!  And somebody that loves us so much that they want the best for us to grow and develop.  This Sunday we look at Gods Love!- a love that knows no bounds.




Mark on You are loved
Due to a technical issue the last part of the talk is missing!:(
190217 You are loved.mp3
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Sunday 26th February

Many of us long for a new start don’t we?  Sometimes just to start a conversation again, restart the day, but other times to start all over again.  The great news is that Jesus promises us just that through Him.   The old has gone, the new has come,  and just like the caterpillar- we can be made into the butterfly.



Sunday 5th March

So often we can become slaves and caught up in the things that bind us, like fear! But Jesus wants you to be free, no longer slaves but children of God!


Sunday 19th March

What is it that makes something a masterpiece?  Is it the actual piece or who created it?   There is something to a masterpiece that takes you beyond the actual piece to highlight something else.   You may know it, but you too are a masterpiece! You are made by the creator of all and made for a purpose.

Geoffrey Boult speaking on being Gods Masterpiece
170319 Gods Masterpiece.mp3
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Sunday 26th March

you are......chosen, a royal priesthood, a holy nation! These are big things. But does he really mean me?
Find out what this is all about! and What God thinks about you and what he's done for you!


Tom Boswell talking about being a royal priesthood
260317 royal priesthood.mp3
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Sunday 2nd April

We all like to hear good news,  but what if we've got the good news to bring.  What is your message that you can share with others?

Adrian Kinsey talking about being Gods messenger
020417 Gods messenger.mp3
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