feeling disconnected?
feeling disconnected?

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Sunday 12th May - Ephesians 1

We're all been the last to be picked for the school team,  but what if the creator of earth picked and chose you,  not just for the team,  but to be part of his family!

Tom Boswell talking about Ephesians 1
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Sunday  2nd June - Ephesians 3

Can Gods love be that big that you really can't get round, so high  you can't get over it and so low you can't get under it?

Sunday 9th June - Ephesians 4

We all have our disagreement and differences but what does it means to have unity  and how we find that in team, church, family that we're in.


Geoffrey Boult Speaking on Unity in Christ
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Sunday 26th June - Ephesians 5

We've all got a past, things that we know we shouldn't have done (perhaps we hide them in the dark) but how can we live in the light with the message that Jesus has bought us? Join us this Sunday!

Mandy Tucker Talking about Living in the Light
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Sunday 7th July

Ever felt under attack? We've all had those days, Well join us for our last series in Ephesians as we look at the armour needed to help us get through!


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